[Tell Me Why] These 8 groups of people are using Pen-Sized VivoStick (Asus TS-10)

Although the ASUS VivoStick pocket-sized (or we prefer to call Pen-sized) Windows PC had launched in 2015, but when we talked about this stick can give you desktop-like computing performance, almost no one believing us this smaller than marker pen and shaped like highlighter pen, pre-installed with Windows 10 64 bits, can do more than they can imagine.

Let’s us summarize who should replace their PC with the Vivostick if they need a computer with these usage.

1.You need cost saving computer for normal computing.

VivoStick is an affordable solution comes with decent hardware specs that helps you get work done. Browse the web, check emails, or do word processing as you would on any normal PC.

Comparing the basic DIY PC, roughly will save 30% of price to get similar performance.


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2.You want to turn your TV to Windows Smart TV

VivoStick converts your TV or monitor into a smart TV running on Windows by simply connect the the stick to TV’s HDMI port. Surf the web, watch streaming videos, get work done or catch up with family and friends via social media applications from your couch.

3. You like to have Easy Projection for works and movies

For work or play, VivoStick is great when paired with a projector. Conduct boardroom presentations or play movies on a big screen simply by plugging VivoStick into the projector.

4. You are setting up Digital Signage

VivoStick offering a full Windows 10 OS on a small form factor device is the perfect digital signage solution.

With size and low-power consumption, VivoStick works as a powerful, cost-effective and purposeful digital signage solution for in-store displays, outdoor sign boards, or even outfield scoreboards.

5. You need a small yet powerful & neat design PC for interactive kiosk

VivoStick can be a guest computing kiosk in airports, hotels, malls, and tourist attractions. Touchscreen support makes it an even more attractive proposition as a cost-effective, self-serve kiosk.

Also, VivoStick can serve as a dedicated, single-purpose POS machine at checkout counters, retail stores, fast food chains, and restaurants.

6. You need a space saving thin client PC

You may pair the VivoStick with any HDMI display to create a thin client platform for:

  • 24-hour call centers
  • Computer labs
  • Small businesses
  • Remote access support station
  • Emailing support & blogging (in fact, we writing this post by using VivoStick).

That’s cost-saving, space-saving and energy saving for your long-hour-run operating business.

7. You travel a lots, need a easy carry PC when you’re in hotel or client site.

Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip, VivoStick gives you all the computing functions you need, without having to lug around a laptop. You can simply hook it up to a TV in your hotel room to watch YouTube videos or catch up on your favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. And when it’s time to get work done, your office monitor or projector will do just fine too. — Pocket size, Mobile flexibility.

8. You are fussy! You want easy installation + space saving + stylish design + cost effective at once.

First, you can “plug-N-play” VivoStick directly into the display monitor/TV HDMI port, need-not a meter long HDMI cable to connect from the  PC to your display monitor.

Next, connect the 18w adapter cable to power up the stick (extremely low power consuming).

You may option to have a wireless/BT keyboard & mouse, that’s it!

Press the Zen design power button, the blue light on, you get all done!


What else you doubt when considering to own this powerful Pen or Stick?

Heat problem?

For this 2nd gen of Asus stick PC, it has large improvement which added considering quite big size of fan in it to have a well heat dissipation. Self experienced, we on the VivoStick in our office 72 hours (which no air-cond from 7pm~8am), allowing us remotely access into office network when we oversea, it performed perfectly!

After-Sales-Service? How to repair?

According to local Asus, they offering one-to-one replacement for one year from the date purchase.

Bear-in-mind, no data recovery service for any faulty unit send in for replacement claiming. Thus, since the storage left for use only about 15Gb, we strongly recommended user to store all the data in external drive. Because the replacement unit to you will be the new unit which all your data in the faulty unit will not transferable.

p/s: Strongly NOT Advise to save any personal photo collection in the built-in data storage, it may not allow you to remove when the device is down and you wanted to get a replacement unit. 

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What accessories it comes with?

  • AC Adaptor
  • Power Cord
  • Stick Holder
  • HDMI Extension dongle cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Quick Start Guide

So, which group are you? Is time to upgrade your lifestyle computing now or still waiting for another smaller or even more charming micro-PC (or gadget-PC), who knows when will it invented? Decide to upgrade now or never.

Full specification from Asus official website: https://goo.gl/5b0OSR

Interested? Get your TS10 Stick from Lazada ==> https://goo.gl/Ed4Ugi 

Or, contact us if you need further information, will do the best to help.