[Tell Me How] Seriously? Vivostick-PC is Doing what Desktop-PC CANNOT? (Asus TS-10)

Most of the time when we introduce Asus Vivostick, always challenged by what can be done with this small-like-a-pen PC compared to their current-using desktop PC.

This was an annoying question, which a very good invention product not being well known by the everyone. Thought everyone is following what Apple, Samsung or Huawei smartphone invention on the camera, no one taking care about the PC for now, sadly! You don’t realize there are so much jobs you still need a computer to operate it which the smartphone by now is smart but not capable & durable enough to replace the computer, yet.

Here, we would like to make a summary showing you what Vivostick may do which your tower PC daily tasking.

Overall, we may say 90% of the job you doing by tower desktop PC, Vivostick could do it! But, some place Vivostick performing well and desktop PC raise the white flag.

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We have been testing all those jobs which most of people using the desktop PC in office.

Most of the jobs could be done by the Stick. However, multi-tasking 3 jobs or more at once will be limit to VivoStick.

Setup & Installation Space

Talking on design, digital signage and interactive kiosk, VivoStick showing off well with its slim and sexy body shape, which the tower desktop definitely not the choice no more. Stick-PC Win!

The beauty of design

Again, the shape, the weight, the power consumption and wireless connectivity, we would say Tower Desktop is really one of the best invention for past 3 decades, but today~it is out! (powerful External Graphics card had launched this year, thought when will the gaming desktop PC being replaced)

Windows Smart TV

We have to admit that sometimes, some program is not so convinience to use in Android TV or Smart TV. Windows is the best companion sometimes. Thus, using the VivoStick to transform to Windows TV would not spoil any of your modern living hall interior. unless you love to see a big box parking beside your slim LED TV.

Conclude, make your own good choice base on what you need on what you doing, by using the Right device!!

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