Migrate your data from Amazon Drive to QNAP NAS

Using cloud storage services may be convenient in storing photos, videos and other data, but your lack of control over the service can leave you exposed to changes in policies, prices and plans – such as the recent announcement that Amazon Drive is ending its unlimited cloud storage plan. Why not take control over how your data is stored and used with your own private cloud powered by QNAP NAS!

The high-capacity and scalable QNAP NAS is your ideal data storage center. With your storage, data, and services all under your control you don’t need to worry about changes in your cloud service plans. QNAP also provides “Hybrid Backup Sync” that helps you easily back up or sync files to your NAS or remote storages for double protection. You can also quickly restore data with peace of mind in the event of a disaster.

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Migrate your data from Amazon Drive to QNAP NAS

It is easy to move your files from Amazon Drive to QNAP NAS!

Confirm how many files you want to retrieve from Amazon Drive.

Prepare hard drives with sufficient storage capacity.

Install hard drives to your QNAP NAS and set it up.

Install “Hybrid Backup Sync” from the QTS App Center.

Open Hybrid Backup Sync, choose “Create Sync Job” > “Sync with the cloud” > “Cloud to local sync” > “Amazon Drive”.

Enter the login credentials of your Amazon Drive account and sign in, then you can start synchronizing files to QNAP NAS.